About Electric Lawnmower Guide

Photo courtesy of DBarefoot at Flickr.com.

Electric lawnmowers come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Some come with batteries, some rely on extension cords, and some even work with a combination of power supplies. There are various cutting sizes, cutting heights, and amperage ratings available, and all of the options can be a bit overwhelming.

On this site, you’ll find reviews of various corded and cordless electric lawnmowers. To keep things simple, we start out each review with a score for the lawnmower. Our 100 point scale is based on 6 categories – Weight, Comfort / Ease of use, Power efficiency / Endurance, Cutting area, Durability, Quiet operation, and Cutting options / Cleanliness of cut. We make sure to get our hands dirty with each machine – that way there aren’t any surprises.