Review: Black and Decker 19 inch Electric Lawn Hog Mulching Mower

This mower features a 19″ cutting radius and a 12 amp mower. It’s pretty tough, and can tackle all kinds of grass.

Our Score: 86%
18/20 Weight
18/20 Comfort / Ease of use
14/20 Power efficiency / Endurance
8/10 Cutting area
9/10 Durability
10/10 Quiet operation
9/10 Cutting options / Cleanliness of cut

The Black and Decker 19″ Electric Lawn Hog Mulching Mower features 12 amps of power and can plow through all types of grass. The cutting height is adjustable on all four wheels from 1 1/4″ to 3 1/2″ and adjusts with ease. In fact, there’s just one touch to it. This is a great feature. Another great feature is that there’s zero assembly required. A bag is included as well if you prefer to bag your grass. If bagging it isn’t your thing, then without using the bag, you can mulch the grass. It’s that easy. In addition, there’s no gas or oil required with this mower. It’s eco friendly, and cuts the grass well.

The 12 amp mower is pretty powerful, but you have to be careful as to where you are setting the cutting height.

No assembly required. Pull it out of the box, straighten the handle, then tighten the screws and screw bolts.

A quick note about Extension Cords
The longer the extension cord you use, the more energy is lost in transmission. Thin cords can also heat up dangerously. When using long extension cords, it’s important to make sure that the wire is thick enough to safely and efficiently conduct electricity. Wire thickness is often referred to as “gauge”. Thicker wires have a low gauge, and thin wires have a high gauge.

For this mower, it’s important to use a 14 gauge (or thicker) wire for extension cords up to 50 feet. For longer extension cords, please use a 12 gauge (or thicker) extension cord. Thicker wires are generally more expensive, but they can save substantial amounts of electricity, which saves money in the long run.

Technical Details:

  • 19″ cutting radius
  • One touch height adjustment on all four wheels
  • Adjustable cutting heights ranging from 1 1/4″ – 3 1/2″
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 volts / 60 Hz (as found in a standard US wall outlet)
  • Amperage: 12 amps